Gourmetportugal.ch Woocommerce Wpml Import Products with csv


Website Link: GourmetportugalZolo Description: I have done import Multilanguage Product Csv with three languages using Wpml and Wpallimporter Portugues Language: German Language: EnglishLanguage:

SMM API Plugin Configuration with Woocommerce


SMM Api Plugin Configuration with Woocommerce. Our client wants to link all services of Latino marketing to make products in woocommerce. On woocommerce it is automatically linked with their Google sheets so our client is updating products on their google sheet and every day it will be automatically creating products on the woo-commerce website and [...]

Zolo.webdev.is (Export & Import Products with Categories, Menu, Footer & Payment Gateways)


Export & Import Products, Categories, Menu, Footer & Payment Gateways. I have exported Products and import it to this website will all details and setup categories, menu, Footer & Payment Gateway. Website Link: Zolo Image 1: Export & Import Products. Image 2: Menus & Footer:

Leannaorganics (Export and Import Products, Orders & Reviews)


Export & Import Products, Orders & Reviews. I have exported products, orders, and reviews from one site and then import it to another client website the same as exported. Website Link: leannaorganics Image 1: Image 2: Image 3 Product Reviews:

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